Solar pump

The unavailability of the power grid or the high costs of using diesel engines to provide irrigation means that good land is not fully utilized. A solar water pumping system combined with your favorite irrigation system and smart planning can provide water wherever you need it. If you already have an irrigation system in place, then the LORENTZ range of solar pumping systems can work with what you have. Drip, sprinkler, swivel or flood irrigation methods can be supported and well integrated with LORENTZ pumps. Our pumps can produce very high flow rates and high pressures, even offering features such as constant pressure and flow. Changing to solar energy means you can reduce operating costs. Our solar pump / fountain kits will filter the water from your pools every day without maintenance or feeding. This solar kit is designed for continuous operation (24 hours). Nevertheless, you can use the programmer to choose the desired operating ranges of your pump. This kit can also be used as automatic watering for your garden or vegetable garden thanks to a reserve of rainwater. This solar kit for pond is composed of: A 15W fountain pump with a flow rate of 1000 liters per hour A monocrystalline solar panel of 90Wc 12A 12V Charge Controller A daily and weekly programmer of 20A 12V A waterproof battery AGM 60Ah 12V 50m of solar cable 1.5 mm.